Using CBD for your cat

As a full member of your family, your pets need all the attention you can give them. You must therefore have the right gesture when necessary, to ensure them a beautiful and peaceful existence. For this,you need to think about using CBD to improve the health and quality of your cat's screws. What CBD is, and why should you use it for your cat?

CBD for Cannabidiol

CBD is a molecule of the cannabinoid family found mainly in cannabis. It is very widespread and is the little brother of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), but with some little differences. You probably think that giving drugs to your cat is not the best thing to do, but reassure yourself, the CBD although being extracted from cannabis but it does not have the same effect. First, unlike THC, it has no psychoactive properties. It has a very beneficial effect. It acts by strengthening the endocannabinoid system of your cats, which is responsible of the functions of sleep, pain, immunity, appetite, and many others, in order to improve the quality of life of your pet.

Why should you use CBD for your cat?

It has been medically proven that CBD has a good influence on animals in general, including cats. Medically, it is used to treat and prevent many diseases in cats. Initially planned to help older cats to live well the last periods of their life, the use of CBD is widespread because of its usefulness in the treatment of many diseases. So, using the CBD for your cat can:

-Help reduce the anxiety often related to lack of sleep;

-Restore the appetite;

-Make it less aggressive and reduce its grunts;

-Increase its vigilance;

-To make it calmer in the face of certain situations which does not require a sudden reaction;

-Give back it energy;

-restore its endurance and even treat him if he is asthmatic;

-Reduce the cells proliferation in case of cancer;

-Make it more agile and lively thanks to these anti-inflammatory properties (among others on arthritis);

-Avoid episodes of nausea and vomiting;

-Reduce epileptic seizures (in case it suffers);

-Cure Skin Conditions;

-and many other goods ink....

How to use it?

The CBD is sold as an oil in a bottle and is equipped with a measuring cup. You must read carefully the use manual to find out how to use it. Several parameters must be taken into account:

-The age and weight of your pet

-The amount of active substance contained in the product relative to the excipients;

-The affection you want to cure in your cat.

Note that CBD can also be used for other animals like dog and even for human. Be sure to choose the bottle taking into account that it is intended for a cat and respect the dosage that is necessary.

You must ask yourself if there is a side effect to using this product. I'll answer ' not really '. A product does not necessarily have the same side effect on everyone, and it is the same with cats. However, the CBD has sedative properties, and this can affect your cat depending on the dosage. So be careful to respect the dose that is right for your pet, and if the sedation effect persists, do not hesitate to reduce the dose for optimum dosage.

CBD is definitely an essential molecule that you must have in your home, to maintain the health and life of your cats. Very beneficial thanks to its properties on the endo cannabinoid and anti-inflammatory, it allows you to make savings of veterinary costs, and also to improve the quality of life of your cat, and also yours.